Following the GPS instructions, she ends up in a swamp


DATE: 2010-10-06
PLACE: Near Toronto, Ontario

DESCRIPTION: A woman was rescued by the local police after following her car GPS instructions and ending up in the middle of a swamp.

Driver blames crash on GPS unit


PLACE: Rutherford

DESCRIPTION: A driver involved in a two-car collision that slowed the commute on Route 17 told police that he was programming a GPS unit when he ran a red light, police said. The driver told police that he was programming his GPS unit because he was lost.

New York car accidents caused by GPS devices


DATE: 2008-01-19
PLACE: New York

DESCRIPTION: A driver from California caused a fiery car accident when he turned on to railroad tracks in Bedford Hills and his vehicle was struck by an oncoming train when the car became stuck on the tracks. The driver, a 32 year old who works for a SIlicon Valley tech company, claims that the GPS device in his vehicle instructed him to turn right onto the train tracks.

Faith in GPS sends Mercedes downstream


DATE: 2007-03-27

DESCRIPTION: A U.K. woman sent her Mercedes flying into a river, trusting the car’s optimistic GPS guidance instead of the road signs warning of impending doom. Matters were made worse as the river was swollen from recent heavy rains, which caused the vehicle to be swept some 200 meters downstream before the woman was able to espace.

Driver follows GPS onto a pedestrian walkway, into a cherry tree


DATE: 2007-07-21
COUNTRY: Switzerland

DESCRIPTION: A 37-year-old trucker followed his GPS directions to their totally illogical conclusion when he drove his truck down a pedestrian walkway and wedged the delivery vehicle into a cherry tree. The driver, who was looking for a factory to drop off his cargo, blindly followed the voice of his navigation system, apparently ignoring several no-entry signs and turning onto the walkway in broad daylight. The motorist then attempted to reverse out, damaging two lamp posts, a hedge, and the cherry tree. The tucker was fined 650 Swiss francs (about $540), and his GPS was given a firmware update and a copy of Google Maps.

GPS causes an accident in France


DATE: 2004-12-03

DESCRIPTION: A 78-year-old man traveling on an 80 mph highway in France caused a traffic accident when he listened to his GPS system’s directions to “make a U-turn immediately.”

Mistake on a flood map

Categories:Inaccurate map

DATE: 2008-08-21

DESCRIPTION: Errors on flood map would affect the flood rates of residents in the area. An area of the map labeled “A” should have been labeled “X”. This could cost property owners double the premium amount.

Himachal government pulled up for wrong India map

Categories:Spatial inaccuracy

DATE: 2009-02-13
PLACE: Shimla

DESCRIPTION: The Himachal Pradesh government should apologise to the nation for publishing a map of India with wrong international boundaries in its official diary. The map, published on the turn page of the diary’s cover, shows the network of national highways in a two-colour contrast. Both Pakistan-administered Kashmir (PoK) and Aksai Chin are printed in different shades and have not been shown as part of India.

Danang raid called pilot error

Categories:Outdated data or maps

DATE: 1973-01-09
PLACE: Saigon
COUNTRY: Vietnam

DESCRIPTION: An authoritative source said that the accidental bombing of Danang Airbase by U.S. planes was apparently caused when the flight leader, guiding the planes above a heavy overcast, ordered the bombs dropped at the wrong map coordinates.

Indian Government bans import of cd-rom with wrong map

Categories:Outdated data or maps

DATE: 2000-11-03
PLACE: New Delhi

DESCRIPTION: The Indian government has prohibited the import of a CD-ROM titled “Compton-1998 Encyclopaedia” as it contained wrong maps of India and objectionable textual references, the federal Home Ministry said.