Outerbelt route suit is settled wrong map shown residents

Categories:Outdated data or maps

DATE: 1990-10-18
PLACE: North Carolina

DESCRIPTION: To settle a lawsuit by east Mecklenburg residents, the State of North Carolina admitted using the wrong map to design part of Charlotte`s outerbelt highway. State highway engineers said they mistakenly showed Reedy Creek Road homeowners the wrong map of a corridor proposed for Charlotte`s 18.8-mile eastern outerbelt in 1987.

Viet officer faces trial in U.S. error bombing

Categories:Spatial inaccuracy

DATE: 1965-11-01
COUNTRY: Vietnam

DESCRIPTION: Accused of giving wrong map coordinates to pilots who killed 48 persons in a friendly village. The South Vietnamese lieutenant faced court-martial for a mapping error that cost the lives of 48 innocent civilians and injuries to 55 others in a bombing raid on a friendly Vietnamese village.

Wrong map leads to Timor border skirmish

Categories:Outdated data or maps

DATE: 1999-10-10
COUNTRY: East Timor

DESCRIPTION: Confusion over the exact location of the border between the two halves of Timor island triggered a clash involving a United Nations intervention force.The incident occurred 500m inside East Timorese territory, according to a 1992 Indonesian map in general use by Interfet. The Indonesians were using a 1930-something Dutch map which showed the village to be inside West Timor.

Polish driver follows GPS directions into a lake

Categories:GPS, Outdated data or maps

DATE: 2008-10-24
PLACE: Warsaw

DESCRIPTION: The man followed the GPS instructions and took a road that was closed a year ago when the area was flooded to make an artificial lake serving as a water reservoir.

Dunkirk ‘miracle’ due to Hitler’s map mistake

Categories:Spatial inaccuracy

PLACE: Dunkerque

DESCRIPTION: Hitler was thrown into panic and halted advance of his troops for 212 days. A mistake on a geological map convinced him that his crack tank regiments would be trapped in waterlogged, low-lying fields near Dunkirk if he let them advance.

Israeli airstrike hits U.N. observer post

Categories:Spatial inaccuracy

DATE: 2006-07-26
PLACE: Khiyam
COUNTRY: Southern Lebanon

DESCRIPTION: An incorrect map and communications failure. Israeli’s artillery was using a hand-drawn map that identified the U.N. post as a base for the militant organization Hezbollah.

Destruction of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade

Categories:Outdated data or maps

DATE: 1999-10-17
PLACE: Belgrade
COUNTRY: Yugoslavia

DESCRIPTION: American planes attacked wrong target because instructions were based on an outdated map. The embassy is located in a former Yugoslavia’s military office.

Plane crash

Categories:Outdated data or maps

DATE: 2008-06-12

DESCRIPTION: According to his map, the pilot had two options: to fly through the clouds over the mountains, or to come down on the canopy of the forest treetops. He chose the second option. But, in reality, the area is not mountainous.

CNET editor died of exposure and hypothermia as he sought help for his snowbound wife and children

Categories:Outdated data or maps

DATE: 2006-12-07
PLACE: Oregon State

DESCRIPTION: Despite its impassable snowdrifts and single-lane, the used road is offered by Google Map as the preferred route on some websites. Some sources said he used an inaccurate paper map.

Bus carrying High School softball team hit a footbridge


DATE: 2008-04-17
PLACE: Washington Park

DESCRIPTION: A bus carrying High School softball team hit a footbridge because the driver didn’t see the warning signs or lights. He was using a GPS that routed the tall bus under the 9-foot bridge