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Prompt, free and no obligation review of your airplane disaster claim. Legal information and assistance from national aviation and injury law firm.

Spatial Law
Legal issues associated with geospatial data and technology.

How Loss of Privacy May Mean Loss of Security
Many issues posing as questions of privacy can turn out to be matters of security, health policy, insurance or self-presentation.

How RFID Tags Could Be Used to Track Unsuspecting People
A privacy activist argues that the devices pose new security risks to those who carry them, often unwittingly.

Study: Navigation Systems Could Cause Accidents
Software errors in satellite navigation devices are putting lives at risk in the Netherlands by sending vehicles through residential areas not intended for heavy traffic, according to Dutch researchers.

Tracking the Eastern Congo conflict
Users can submit incidents via SMS or Web
Articles and blog on the geospatial industry

Stichting Onderzoek Navigatiesystemen
Using a novel research approach, Stichting Onderzoek Navigatiesystemen has discovered why navigators fail to identify ring roads in built-up areas. The problem is caused by flaws in the software.

Integrated Publishing
Millions of pages of engineering manuals and documents

The Role of Trust and Interaction in GPS Related Accidents
GPS applications can also help to reduce workload by automating tasks
that would otherwise require finite cognitive and perceptual resources. However, the operation of these systems has
been identified as a contributory factor in a range of recent accidents.

We Know Where You Are
With new software, Web sites can tell what city a visitor is coming from. That can be useful information.

Revenge of the Experts
The individual user has been king on the Internet, but the pendulum seems to be swinging back toward edited information vetted by professionals.

Conférence Ministérielle l’Internet du Futur : l’Europe citoyenne s’interroge sur la technologie RFID
Selon Eric Besson, ministre français, les puces RFID (étiquettes à radiofréquences), devront pouvoir être déconnectées. Ces puces remplaceront bientôt les code-barres sur tous les produits de la vie courante. Aussi, elles suscitent des inquiétudes en matière de protection de la vie privée.

Data Quality Library
The 1Spatial Data Quality Library is an industry resource that is available for free to any organisation or individual that registers.

Free Our Data: the blog
A Guardian Technology campaign for free public access to data about the UK and its citizens.

Building Permit Issued by Mistake
Where a building permit is issued upon the basis of a mistake in the zoning map, and the permit was applied for, and issued, in good faith, neither party knowing there was a mistake in the zoning map, can the permit be revoked?

Calif. Bill Would Blur Online Mapping Programs
A California lawmaker has introduced a bill that would require all virtual mapping programs to blur out schools, places of worship, government or medical buildings or face hefty fines and possible jail time.

Canada’s first street view map service unveiled amid privacy concerns
Burnaby, B.C.-based local listings company Canpages is the first to bring street-level maps to Canada. The service features high-resolution photos of main streets, residential areas, and even some walkways. The marketing opportunities are numerous, but so are the privacy concerns.

Highest crime rate in L.A.? No, just an LAPD map glitch
The department’s online map incorrectly showed many crimes downtown near City Hall and the police station when its ‘geocoding’ software couldn’t interpret the true address.

Imagerie et Internet en France : problèmes légaux, repères et ouverture au débat

CERTU (Centre d’étude sur les réseaux, les transports, l’urbanisme et les constructions publiques), France
Le Certu (Centre d’étude sur les réseaux, les transports, l’urbanisme et les constructions publiques) héberge le Pôle géomatique du ministère qui intervient essentiellement sur des aspects transversaux de la géomatique (organisation, juridique, compétences, données de références et méthodes). La géomatique thématique pour la ville est principalement développée pour la connaissance des territoires.

CERTU (Centre for studies on urban planning, transportation and public facilities), France
Certu (Centre for studies on urban planning, transportation and public facilities) is home to the Ministry’s Geomatics Technology Centre set up to support national policy on promoting the use of geographical information systems by government departments. This centre coordinates action in the area of GIS (within and outside the Ministry), supports the Ministry’s Geomatics policy and provides reference data and information on methods for the use of GIS.

UK Serves Court Order Via Twitter
Britain’s High Court ordered its first injunction via Twitter on Thursday, saying the social website and micro-blogging service was the best way to reach an anonymous Tweeter who had been impersonating someone.

Google Street View devant la justice en Suisse
Le service du géant de Mountain View continue de susciter la polémique. Cette fois, la Suisse a décidé de passer à l’étape supérieure.

Data Quality Example
Video From Youtube

Peut-on interdire à Google de photographier votre maison ?
A quoi ressemble la rue où habite votre ami d’enfance ? Trouverez-vous des magasins dans le quartier où vous avez rendez-vous ? Qu’y a-t-il autour de l’appartement que vous envisagez de louer pour vos vacances ? Toutes ces informations, vous pouvez les trouver facilement sur Internet…